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Our facility is equipped with the newest technology. This equipment helps us to accurately determine the type, degree and configuration of a person's hearing loss. Only after a thorough assessment, can decisions be made regarding the necessary treatment, which can include hearing aids or referral for medical treatment.

If you need hearing aids, we offer the newest hearing aid technology in a range of styles designed to match your hearing loss and your lifestyle.


When you select our clinic, you will be seen by an Audiologist with a Doctorate in Audiology. You are guaranteed that your prescription, fitting and follow-up will be conducted by an Audiologist, not by a hearing aid dispenser.

Our clinic uses the newest prescription methods and is equipped with the most advanced fitting technology. The result is a prescription for a hearing aid circuit which will be designed specifically for your hearing loss.

Our clinic offers the most advanced hearing aids available. This includes the complete range of sizes, hearing aid circuit designs and shell styles. We have hearing aid circuits for every price range, from the lowest cost conventional hearing aids, to the newest most advanced digital hearing aids. We are not partial to one manufacturer, and instead your personal needs are considered. This is a necessary part of effective treatment as one manufacturer does not suit all hearing needs.

If you have any questions regarding hearing or hearing aids, contact us at Port Perry Audiology.